Sew & Sew by Mitchell
making pretty since 1985
About Mitchell
Originally from Kansas City, MO, Mitchell (only one name, thanks!)
now lives and works in the artistic community of Hudson, NY.  From
1985 until 2008, she lived and worked in New York City's Greenwich

From her arrival in New York from Kansas City, Mitchell and Sew &
Sew have been "making pretty" since 1985.  Over the years, without
any advertising or marketing of any kind, she's built up a loyal client
base that includes over 500 individuals and businesses.  Though
many of Sew & Sew's clients are celebrities (actors, writers and
directors) and large businesses, most of her clients are "regular
folk" just like her -- homeowners, renters, small businesses.

Mitchell has earned her reputation for excellence due to her unique
eye coupled with an old fashioned sense of value and quality.  Her
home in Hudson (that's her sitting in her living room to the right) is a
showcase for her sense of how colors, patterns and textures work together.  This unique design sensibility led the New York Times to feature
Mitchell and her Greenwich Village apartment in an article.  (You can read it and view the multimedia presentation

Now located in the city of Hudson, NY, Mitchell continues to work extensively with clients throughout the Hudson Valley from New York City to
Albany and in the surrounding areas of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts on custom design and installation projects.  Her pre-made
items --
tote bags and ottomans -- enhance the lives of customers across the US and Canada.

Mitchell enjoys close relationships with many of the best fabric wholesalers and retailers, as well as interior designers, architects and event
planners in New York City and throughout the Northeast.