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Portfolio: Ottomans
Our ottomans are firm yet yielding -- the perfect place to put your feet up, set a magazine while you read, or to provide extra seating.  
Constructed of high-density polyfoam, feather and down, e
ach ottoman forms a 17" cube.

Our ottoman covers are removable and interchangeable.  Each one is made of 2 different, contrasting fabrics.  They zip off for easy dry
cleaning, and fold flat for efficient storage.  Buy additional covers to instantly "redecorate" as the mood strikes you!

Each ottoman is priced at $425 and includes one cover of your choice.  Additional covers are just $185 each.  If you have at least .75 yards of 2
different fabrics or 1.5 yards of a single fabric you'd like us to make a cover from, we're happy to oblige for $85 for just the cover, or $365 for the
cover with an ottoman.  All prices are exclusive of shipping, handling and, where applicable, sales tax.
Silk and linen combine for an elegant
yet comfortable look.  Natural/gray
linen is paired with natural/gray silk
with embroidered tan polkadots.
Two views of an ottoman sure to
brighten any room.  Muted green is
paired with muted stripes of tan,
orange and green.
A golden tan twill is paired with a
weave of off-white with golden-tan
Deep chocolate is paired with woven
stripes of slate blue, gray and off-white.