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Portfolio: Potpourri Pillows
Our potpourri pillows come in your choice of jewel tones -- red or yellow.  Each pillow has a zipper closure so you can fill them with your
favorite scent -- potpourri, dried lavender or other flowers or herbs -- the possibilities are endless!

Both versions boast sequin and bead embellished cut-work overlaid on chiffon.

Each pillow is 8" square (approximately).

At only $22 each (plus shipping and handling and, where required, sales tax) you can use these beauties to decorate both visually and
with a fresh scent.
On the left: Sequined and beaded
cutwork in tiger lily orange overlaid on
crimson chiffon.
On the right: Sequined and beaded
cutwork in golden yellow overlaid on
plum chiffon.